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Do I Need Pet Insurance for My Rental Property?

Wayne Hartigan - Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Pet insurance is a valuable option for rental property owners and can provide protections that standard landlord insurance no longer includes. Many tenants in Pasadena have a dog or a cat, so protecting yourself against the liability that can come with animals is essential when you’re a landlord.  In addition, you should include in your pet policy.

Over the years, insurance companies have been restricting the coverage they offer for animal-related incidents such as dog bites. You can still add dog bite coverage to your policy, but moreover we recommend you require your tenants to have renter’s insurance that covers dog bites. You should also require that the tenant lists you on the policy as a co-insured.

When you are included on the renter’s insurance policy, you’ll be aware of any changes in its terms, and you’ll know if your tenant cancels the policy or there is a lapse in coverage. Have your attorney review the verbiage in your lease so you can be sure that dog bite coverage is required for tenants who have pets. The lease should protect you against any liability regarding animals because any pet can hurt a person. Make sure you have the proper coverage.

Finally, when your tenant renews a lease, make sure you get a new copy of the tenant’s insurance policy, which covers dog behavior.

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