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How Does Arrow Management Company protect your Investment?

Wayne Hartigan - Tuesday, November 29, 2016

One of the greater reasons to hire a property manager is to ensure your investment property is being properly cared for. Today, we’re going to explain how your property manager will protect your rental home for you.


Regular inspections are a great way to protected your investment. At Arrow Management Company, we like to do two annual inspections every year. You can tell quite a bit from these inspections, and we are often looking for housekeeping issues. We can also determine whether any unauthorized roommates or pets are living there. These inspections are a great opportunity to look for repairs that we might need to do. We have found that it saves our owners a lot of money in the long run when we notice minor repairs during an inspection that can be quickly taken care of. It protects you from more expensive repairs later.


Thorough screening of tenants is required to protect your investment. We have had a few cases where owners place their own tenants in a property but they don’t take the time to do a thorough background check You have to check criminal history, landlord references and employment. We always check for past evictions so we know what kind of tenant we are getting and because we want to protect your home form a bad tenant.


Having the right landlord insurance policy in place protects you and your investment against potential problems. If there is an unfortunate incident and someone gets hurt on your property or there is property damage to your home, you want to make sure there is adequate coverage in place.

Continuing Education

When your property manager is on top of all the latest laws and requirements, your investment is protected against legal and compliance issues. All of the forms and laws change frequently, and you need to have someone who is educated on these matters. Dispute resolutions is also helpful. Property managers can negotiate with tenants on your behalf and handle any court matters that might come up.


Maintaining current and up to date software is an important protection at Arrow Management Company.

The best way we can protect your investment is by reducing vacancy and finding qualified tenants. If you have any questions about this or our property management services, please contact us at Arrow Management Company and we would love to talk with you (626)796-4926 or e-mail



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