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How to Advertise Your Property for Maximum Exposure

Wayne Hartigan - Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Online Advertising

Make sure your property listing is all over the Internet. Today, people use the web and they are not so interested in looking at print advertising. The most effective way to advertise is with the Internet and it’s important to get the property out there.

Professional Photos

Take good, professional high quality marketing photos. Make sure you have pictures of the front and the back of the house, and take good interior pictures. You really want to showcase your property and make people interested in seeing it.

Current Representation

When you’re posting photos and writing descriptions, make sure you’re providing current information about the property. You don’t want to provide photos from when the house was renovated. While those might be nice pictures, they don’t tell the true story about what the property currently looks like. You don’t want to provide false advertising.

Video Tours

It’s a good idea to do a video tour. This allows tenants who are not in the area to get an accurate feel for the property and its layout. Before shooting your video, be sure there is adequate lighting. Introduce where you are when you’re in the property and taking the video. This is excellent information for a prospective tenant.


Use professional signage. Writing your name, phone number and a brief description on a piece of cardboard is not a good way to introduce your property to renters. It tells tenants you’re not so interested in renting the home, or it gives them a poor idea of what they can expect when they live there.

Flexible Showings

Have a flexible showing schedule. Tenants might not be able to see the home during the day because of work responsibilities, so make sure you’re available to show evenings and weekends. Be there when the tenants can be there.

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